Bundesliga Back! Soccer returns May 16th when the Bundesliga renews its 2019-20 season as the first of the major leagues to start back up. W

Bundesliga Viewing Guide

May 13, 2020

Bundesliga Back!

Soccer returns May 16th when the Bundesliga renews its 2019-20 season as the first of the major leagues to start back up. While the English Premier League typically gets more traction here in the United States, the Bundesliga is arguably the most exciting of the big 5 leagues and can count themselves firmly in the top 3 of best leagues in the World alongside the English and Spanish top flights. The Bundesliga owes is intrigue to a genuine title race that includes 4-5 teams and a style of play that includes high pressing, quick transitions, and lots of goals (most per game of any league).

Now that we have established that you should absolutely be watching the Bundesliga, you are going to need a team to root for. We aim to pick up where The Ringer left off with their Soccer Watchability Rankings and have put together a quick explainer for each team in order to connect you with your Bundesliga soul mate. We have slightly altered The Ringer's watchability inputs, but the core tenets of dribbling, high-pressure defense, passes completed deep in the opponents half, and expected goals remain. Also included are each team's Market Value and their 538 world ranking, as well as a sustainability ranking, which is a metric derived from each team's market value, 538 ranking, and 5-year relegation threat.

So, without further adieu, we present the 2019-20 Bundesliga Team Guide:

The Yankees

Are you a frontrunner? 

Bayern Munich

Watchability: 1

Market Value: 680m

538 World Ranking: 2

Sustainability: 1

EPL Equivalent: if Man United were competent

The Historical Challengers

The chasing pack. Champions League quality. Rich history.

Borussia Dortmund

Watchability: 2

Market Value: 527m

538 World Ranking: 10

Sustainability: 2

EPL Equivalent: Liverpool

Bonus: Gio Reyna

Bayer Leverkusen

Watchability: 4

Market Value: 344m

538 World Ranking: 13

Sustainability: 4

EPL Equivalent: Tottenham

Borussia Monchengladbach

Watchability: 5

Market Value: 224m

538 World Ranking: 27

Sustainability: 5

EPL Equivalent: Everton

Young Money

The exciting team owned by a global brand. Despised.

RB Leipzig

Watchability: 3

Market Value: 470m

538 World Ranking: 7

Sustainability: 3

EPL Equivalent: Manchester City

European Challengers

These guys might nab you the odd Champions League qualification and will generally be in the hunt for Europa League places.


Watchability: 6

Market Value: 167m

538 World Ranking: 32

Sustainability: 6

EPL Equivalent: Arsenal

Eintracht Frankfurt

Watchability: 9

Market Value: 161m

538 World Ranking: 49

Sustainability: 7

EPL Equivalent: Leicester

Bonus: $$$ to spend (recently sold several young players for big money)

Schalke 04

Watchability: 7

Market Value: 191m

538 World Ranking: 74

Sustainability: 8

EPL Equivalent: West Ham

Bonus: Weston McKinnie and David Wagner (coach)


Watchability: 12

Market Value: 173m

538 World Ranking: 65

Sustainability: 9

EPL Equivalent: Newcastle

Sure, why not?

Do you like heartbreak? Do you want to watch the Bundesliga II next season? Do you despise defense? U hipster?


Watchability: 11

Market Value: 83m

538 World Ranking: 41

Sustainability: 10

EPL Equivalent: Burnley


Watchability: 8

Market Value: 24m

538 World Ranking: 146

Sustainability: 18

EPL Equivalent: Norwich

Union Berlin

Watchability: 16

Market Value: 36m

538 World Ranking: 82

Sustainability: 15

EPL Equivalent: Sheffield United

Pick a team. Watch a game. Have fun.

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