NBA Team Net Ratings

2023-24 Luck Adjusted Net Rating

While there is ample evidence that teams can influence the type and location of shots that their opponents take, there is not a lot of evidence that teams have an influence on the percentage that a team shoots from three. Over the last 4 seasons, 92% of teams have allowed between 34% and 38% on opponent three-point shooting. This season, teams are shooting an average of 35 three-pointers per game. A team allowing their opponents to shoot 30% on these shots would be "saving" an average of ~6 points per game vs a team that was giving up the league average of 36% from three. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have a team allowing their opponents to shoot a blistering 41% from three, which if we adjust down to 36%, would improve a team's defense by ~5 points per game.

To rectify the issue of opponent hot or cold shooting early in the season, we have adjusted each team's defensive rating to what it would be if that team was allowing opponents to shoot around the league average of 36% from three-point range. We have also added a slight adjustment to each team's offensive net rating to account for poor/good three-point shooting. Any team shooting below 33% from three was rounded up to 33%, while any team shooting greater than 39% was rounded down to 39%.

The chart below shows each team's current offensive, defensive, and net rating (taken from Basketball-Reference), as well as their luck adjusted offensive, defensive and net rating. Also included is each team's strength of schedule (the larger the number the tougher the schedule) and each team's 'Simple Rating', which is just their adjusted net rating minus their strength of schedule.

* last updated 11/30/2023 | updates weekly

1Boston Celtics14410.39.79.4117.7117.50.36108108.10.350.9
2Philadelphia 76ers1268.77.87.7121.2121.10.373113.4113.40.3531
3Minnesota Timberwolves1346.66.85.8113.4113.40.371106.6107.60.3320.8
4Oklahoma City Thunder1166.27.76.5118.2116.90.403110.5110.40.345-0.3
5Orlando Magic1355.36.16113.9113.90.354107.8107.90.36-0.7
6New York Knicks1075.15.15.1115115.10.373109.9109.90.361-0.1
7Denver Nuggets1364.64.64.7117.5117.50.368112.9112.80.356-0.2
8Indiana Pacers973.22.84.1122.6122.70.386119.8118.60.396-0.9
9Houston Rockets882.73.82.9114.4114.30.359110.6111.40.333-0.3
10Milwaukee Bucks1352.63.13119.4119.30.374116.3116.30.364-0.5
11Brooklyn Nets982.31.51.5116.7116.80.389115.2115.30.350.8
12Los Angeles Clippers892.243.7114.1114.10.364110.1110.40.337-1.5
13Atlanta Hawks891.80.90.7119.5119.40.368118.6118.70.3681.1
14Golden State Warriors8101.40.10.1114.3114.30.367114.2114.20.3481.3
15Phoenix Suns1171.33.43.3118.2118.10.387114.8114.70.351-2
16Cleveland Cavaliers1080.9-0.5-0.4112.4112.50.351112.9112.90.3741.3
17Miami Heat1080.81.51.6113.9113.90.382112.4112.30.38-0.8
18Dallas Mavericks1160.71.41.6119119.20.374117.6117.60.36-0.8
19Toronto Raptors910-0.1-0.7-0.7111.4111.50.344112.1112.20.3610.6
20New Orleans Pelicans109-0.60.4-1.4113.2113.20.355112.8114.60.3250.8
21Sacramento Kings107-0.6-0.5-0.8114.8114.70.349115.3115.50.3790.2
22Los Angeles Lakers118-0.7-0.4-0.3111.5111.60.339111.9111.90.364-0.4
23Memphis Grizzlies413-5.2-7.1-3.8105.9106.20.3271131100.407-1.4
24Chicago Bulls514-5.7-7-6.7109.91100.349116.9116.70.3791
25Utah Jazz612-7.8-6.8-6.8112.6112.60.361119.4119.40.366-1.1
26Washington Wizards315-7.9-8.2-8112.4112.60.35120.6120.50.3690
27Charlotte Hornets511-8-8.9-8.4111.4111.30.35120.3119.70.3860.4
28Portland Trail Blazers512-8.3-7.7-7.6105.7105.80.335113.4113.40.346-0.7
29Detroit Pistons216-9.2-9.1-9109.2109.20.347118.3118.20.364-0.2
30San Antonio Spurs314-9.3-12.5-10.6106.8106.80.34119.3117.40.3981.3

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