Pick n Pop Bigs

*Points per possession data only uses possessions where the player performed the possession-ending action (FGA, FTA, Turnover, Offensive Foul)



Minutes Played

Crafted Offensive Plus Minus %tile



1Myles TurnerIND | C274520.4 0.81%
2Jalen SmithIND | PF232160.2 0.78%
3Moritz WagnerORL | C263450 0.73%
4Onyeka OkongwuATL | C23415-0.3 0.65%
5Christian WoodLAL | PF28414-0.3 0.62%
6Derrick Jones Jr.DAL | PF26381-0.3 0.62%
7Brook LopezMIL | C35562-0.3 0.63%
8Naz ReidMIN | C24382-0.5 0.54%

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