The question we are attempting to answer here is "how well would a player fit if you dropped him into a team with 14 random players". We include traditional measures of fitting well with others in passing and shooting ability, as well as defensive measures as we were aiming for a complete fit as opposed to just an offensive fit. Players are penalized for being too on ball dominant (think Trae Young) or for being completely unable to operate with the ball.

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Minutes Played




1Mike ConleyMIN | PG3621939.5
2Joe InglesORL | SF3611699.5
3Karl-Anthony TownsMIN | C2820269.5
4Luke KennardMEM | SG279999.5
5Nikola JokicDEN | C2827379.5
6Derrick WhiteBOS | SG2923819.4
7Payton PritchardBOS | PG2618259.4
8James HardenLAC | SG3424709.4
9Al HorfordBOS | C3717409.4
10Kelly OlynykTOR | C3217599.4
11Fred VanVleetHOU | PG2926849.3
12Dante ExumDAL | SG2810889.3
13Kevin LoveMIA | PF359249.3
14Herbert JonesNOP | SF2523219.3
15Grayson AllenPHX | SG2825139.3
16Jarace WalkerIND | PF203409.2
17Dario SaricGSW | PF2910989.2
18Duncan RobinsonMIA | SF2919059.2
19Paul GeorgeLAC | SF3325029.2
20Sam MerrillCLE | SG2710699.2
21Kawhi LeonardLAC | SF3223309.1
22Jrue HolidayBOS | PG3322639.1
23Davis BertansCHA | PF316749.1
24Tyrese HaliburtonIND | PG2322249.1
25Luke KornetBOS | C289839.1
26Trey Murphy IIINOP | SF2316909
27Chris PaulGSW | PG3815318.5
28Jaylin WilliamsOKC | C218978.5
29Jayson TatumBOS | SF2526458.5
30Jalen WilliamsOKC | SG2222238.5
31Nikola JovicMIA | PF208968.5
32Khris MiddletonMIL | SF3214878.4
33Justin HolidayDEN | SG348628.4
34Joel EmbiidPHI | C2913098.4
35Draymond GreenGSW | PF3314908.4
36Jamal MurrayDEN | PG2618618.4
37Matt RyanNOP | SF263908.3
38Buddy HieldPHI | SG3021608.3
39Robert CovingtonPHI | PF334888.3
40Stephen CurryGSW | PG3524218.3
41Isaiah JoeOKC | SG2414458.3
42Kristaps PorzingisBOS | C2816908.3
43Sam HauserBOS | PF2617418.2
44Maxi KleberDAL | C328718.2
45Bogdan BogdanovicATL | SG3124018.2
46Dwight PowellDAL | C328368.2
47Immanuel QuickleyTOR | PG2419858.2
48Nicolas BatumPHI | SF3515298.1

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